About me and the extension of me this site (and the things connected to it lol)

About me

I am a person who likes learning about technology

and I always want to improve and make me and my website the best it can be

One day I want to learn server code and make enough money to buy a server so I can make my own website on it and the sky be the limit (hopefully).

About my site on here

This site is meant to be kind of a stress reliver for me and an outlet to express my self in because with website making you can be as creative as you want to be (as long as you know the code to make it lol. 😅.)

One of my goals for my Neocities site is to give it "balance" and what I mean by that is to make it not look to corporate/modern kind of how YouTube and Google look currently they look sleek but (in my opinion) quite bland and not dazziling/flair like they used to be.

The next thing is that I want to give it that (also in my opinion) cool late 90s early 2000s website look just a little bit like a big pinch of salt.
Because for 1 I never really got to experience that time and culture of the internet and I wish I was able too a little bit more I liked how expansive it really felt.
I Like how they had that color, pizazz and overall uniqueness/personality. And this is a little off topic but that is one thing I like about Newgrounds is that they managed to get the sleekness of the modern internet while still keeping things nice and colorful. (Which I also am kind of trying to do).

And finally the third part to my main goal is to make my site special and personal to me.

Another thing about this site is that I might eventually try and "mix" it with some links from code.org because there are things that Neocities lets me do that code.org doesn't and vice versa.

An example would be that Neocities lets me do "iframes" and code.org doesn't
but code.org lets me upload sounds and Neocities doesn't.
there are probably a couple of other examples that are more minor but the one mentioned above is a big one that I noticed.